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Intensive In-Home Services

Targets children and adolescents who are at risk for removal from the home due to behavioral, mental health, or substance abuse problems. Additionally, children and adolescents that are transitioning home from out-of-home placements such as foster care, detention, or residential programs may be appropriate for services.

Mental Health Support Services

Training and support for adult clients 18 years of age and older with a mental health diagnosis and acutely or chronically mentally ill. This program is to provide training and supportive services to encourage the individual to maintain community stability and independence in the least restrictive environment (home/community), and avoid more restrictive interventions such as out-of-home placements including hospitalization, residential, and/or institutional settings.

Available services include:

  • Skills for successful living
  • Medication Management
  • Individual and Family coaching and therapy
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Coordination of services
  • Healthy relationship skills
  • Establishment of daily routine and consistency
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Management of emotional, medical, and mental health challenges
  • Healthy living habits
  • Positive parenting skills
  • Managing transitions
  • Problem-solving techniques
group therapy

Group Therapy Services


Qualified mental health professionals provide therapy in a group setting either virtually or in person. Each group is curated to serve a population in need based on the expertise of the qualified mental health professional. Examples of groups include re-entry, housing security, and self-worth. Groups for adults and adolescents are available.